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Ego Compact Semi-Submarine

ego compact semi submarine

At first glance the Ego looks like a small pontoon boat floating gently on the surface of the water. Then as you watch, you notice a pair of passengers disappear below the deck. Hidden beneath the surface of the water the Ego has an underwater observation pod where you can sit and watch fish, observe coral reefs, and enjoy the wild under surface life of the ocean. This semi-submarine does not dive and climb in the water, but just stays submerged beneath the deck of the fun party boat above. Driving the Ego can be mastered in about 5-minutes instead of the hours or days of training required for a submarine. Imagine the fun of driving out over the clear ocean water, having a picnic on the surface, then climbing down below to watch nature’s greatest show.

You can learn more about the Ego Compact Semi-Submarines on their website.








Via Gadget Review and Ego Submarine