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Elemment Palazzo

elemment palazzo

What is that sliding up behind you on the road?  Is it a road yacht, an alien lander, or just the Elemment Palazzo? The Elemment Palazzo may be the strangest and most unusual looking motor coach to hit the road.  When you overcome the shock of the unusual outer appearance and step inside you will begin questioning if you just wandered into roadway heaven. The interior of the Elemment Palazzo is a blend of sophistication, technology, and pure entertainment.  The interior is outfitted with comfortable couches, coffee tables, and more importantly the most amazing bar on the road.

If you will be entertaining executives, stars, or celebrities you will not find a better setting than inside the Palazzo. Technology abounds inside the Palazzo with one of the best features being the ability to preset temperature.  You can be out for a long day of work or fun and return to find the motor coach has already kicked on the air conditioning and is the perfect temperature. The technology extends to your ability to “see”, also.  The Palazzo is equipped with cameras to allow you to view both the interior and exterior of the home from the multiple control panels.

Since each Palazzo is designed to fit the needs of the owner no price has been announced.  You can learn more about the EleMMent Palazzo from the manufacturer, Marchi Mobile.