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Elmiraj Concept by Cadillac

cadillac unveils the elmiraj concept coupe

It is time for every American to picket the doors of Cadillac dealers around the nation. We need to take up signs and DEMAND that Cadillac rapidly move the Elmiraj Concept out of concept and into production. This is a car that America needs. Cadillac’s Elmiraj Concept has the sleek powerful lines that let it compete against the most impressive performance sedans in the world including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and even Rolls Royce. The 4.5 liter twin turbo charged engine produces over 500 horsepower to ensure the car competes with any performance sedan on the road, too. The only question that remains is when?

Are you ready to storm the doors of Cadillac and demand the American performance sedan we deserve? If not, then you need to read more about this great car on Cadillac’s website.




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