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Ferrari 458 Italia by Vorsteiner

ferrari 458 italia by vorsteiner

Why would anyone play around with the near perfection of a Ferrari 458 Italia? When you ask that question of the engineers at Vorsteiner, they are just going to grin and say “To make it better” and they do. You will need to look closely to notice the changes the Vorsteiner team adds to the Ferrari 458 Italia because the changes blend so perfectly. They start by adding a front spoiler that forces more air up to the radiator to keep the engine cool when you are letting it unwind on a back road or race track. The add on a rear deck mount spoiler to re-balance the cars aerodynamically. Then they add on a rear diffuser and throw in a set of forged aluminum monoblock wheels to complete the package.

What you end up with is a Ferrari that grips the road a little tighter, stays a lot cooler, and looks amazing. It the Vorsteiner modifications a necessity? Of course not, the stock Ferrari is amazing, it just become a little more amazing when team Vorsteiner gets finished with it.



Via HighSnobiety and Vorsteiner