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Ferrari 458 Speciale

ferrari 458 speciale

On September 10th Ferrari is going to unleash something magnificent onto the roads, their new Ferrari 458 Speciale. This new edition of the amazing 458 comes equipped with a newly designed V-8 engine that creates 605 horsepower. More impressive is the fact that the car has a ratio of over 2 horsepower per kilogram of weight, making it the most powerful car per pound to roll off the lines at Ferrari. How does that translate into speed? How would you feel about 0-100 KMH in 3.0 seconds, or 0-200 KMH in only 9.1 seconds? Pair those numbers with the cars improved aerodynamics, electronic slip angle control, and F1 Traction control system and you have a car that is superior on the road.

September 10th is set to be an exciting day as Ferrari debuts the car and announces how deep we need to dig into our pockets to get one.





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