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Ferrari Motorcycle by Amir Glinik

ferrari motorcycle

Have you ever pondered why Ferrari does not create a motorcycle to complete their high-performance line-up? Israeli designer Amir Glinik was one of those guys who could not get that question off of his mind. He finally decided enough was enough and took on the challenge of designing and creating his own Ferrari Motorcycle concept. The motorcycle has a sleek aerodynamic body that is painted in Ferrari Red and highlighted with Ferrari yellow. Glinik went with a V-4 inspired by Ferrari’s V-12 to power his unique motorcycle. Instead of average motorbike wheels, Glinik went with large, bold, powerful wheels skinned with racing rubber to have the motorcycle ready to race down the road alongside a Ferrari sports car with ease. This Ferrari concept bike is not the first one to hit the streets, but may be the finest example to date. Ferrari does not endorse this concept motorcycle and requested Glinik remove any Ferrari emblems, which it too bad.

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