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Flaris Personal Jets Take to the Air

flaris personal jets

We have always heard the promise that personal jet aircraft were on the horizon, but did you believe it? Flaris Aircraft of Poland has just turned the idea into reality. In June they showcased their new personal jets to the world and they were a show stopper. The small jets are able to carry up to five people and travel at over 600 kilometers per hour. The aircraft is lightweight at only 650 kilograms. This jet is designed for easy flying, but you will still need to get a pilot license. What makes the jet most incredible is the fact it can land on small runways, including grass runways found scattered all over the globe. Instead of taking a commercial flight to visit family in small town USA, you can just land at the local city airport and have the family pick you up.

If you have ever dreamed of flying and having an airplane you can use like a car, the Flaris Personal Jet makes that dream a reality.


Via Robb Report and Flaris