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Folding Spoke-less Racing Bike Concept by Allen Chester G. Zhang

folding bike concept

Bicycles designs usually take only small departures from the normal look and feel of a bike. Allen Chester G. Zhang threw away all pre-concepts and started anew. His invention is a bicycle that has no spokes, folds to a fraction of its full size, and is a speed demon. The glistening green colors makes the bike look like a perfect addition for the Green Lantern’s superhero gear. The bicycle uses a direct connection between the pedals and the sprocket covered wheel. Both wheels are held in place by the frame without center spindles or spokes. The curved frame allows the rider to bend comfortably over the handlebars, reducing air drag.

Allen Chester G. Zhang has designed a bicycle that redefines our vision of what is possible on bikes. A visually appealing bike with unique performance elements that would make it a joy to own.




Via Yanko Design