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Garrett McNamara, Mercedes-Benz & Polen Surfboards Cork Surfboard


World class surfer Garrett McNamara has teamed up with Mercedes-Benz and Polen Surfboards to design and produce two incredible new surfboards as part of the MBoard Project with Mercedes-Benz Portugal. The first board is created 100% from cork, a completely renewable source of materials. Cork produces a high performance board that remains flexible enough for maneuvering, but strong enough to overcome the wild waves. The second board, still in creation mode, is being constructed from aviation grade foam. This tough material allows for the board to be built without any additional cross supports keeping the weight low while still keeping flexibility and strength high.

What sets the boards even further apart are the incredible style, pulling from Mercedes-Benz. Each board is emblazoned with a MB logo. You can see the board being built and watch as Garrett McNamara puts it to the test on Mercedes-Benz Portugal’s YouTube channel.

Via MBoard Project on YouTube