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Harley Davidson Night Rod Special Motorcycle

harley davidson night rod special edition motorcycle

You hear the thunder but there is not lightning.  You see the rolling power as the light glints off the chrome.  The Harley Davidson Night Rod Special is a touched up Sport bike. You can identify the Night Rod by the blacked out 1250cc V-Twin Revolution motor. The darkened motor adds to the mystery and intrigue of riding this thundering monster in the night.

The aluminum wheels and tail pipe covers join in the black out effect.  The motorcycle is finished in a matte black which carries through to the forks and handlebars. The amazing motorbike from Harley Davidson is priced starting at $15,300.  It carries the nimble quick handling the Harley Davidson sport bikes are famous for.  These are slightly smaller, easier to handle motorcycles.  Harley estimates you can own one of these cool bikes for around $320/month.

Via Harley Davidson