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Harley Sportster Stealth Bullet by Rough Crafts


Rough Crafts slapped the competition in the AMD World Championships Modified Harley Davidson category with the Stealth Bullet a modified Harley Sportster. The competition in the category was fierce, but Rough Crafts was able to pull away from the competition for 58 points for the victory and it was well deserved. The Stealth Bullet is black, very black. The bike uses blacked out parts to make it nearly invisible at night without its custom head lights and tail lights glaring. Rough Crafts added a 21″ street wheel and tire to the front and went with an 18″ tire on the rear. Both wheels were crafted by Performance Machine. The swing-arm is 100% Rough Craft, as they opted to use their own billet design. While many other bikes in the category sported plenty of chrome, not a single piece of chrome could be found on the Stealth Bullet.

Rough Crafts continues to delight motorcycle lovers with their aggressive machines and focus on a look of power.

Harley Sportster Stealth Bullet by Rough Crafts






Via AMD Championships, and Rough Crafts