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Hennessey Ferrari 458 Twin Turbo HPE700 Upgrade

hennessey ferrari

It was going to be cool being the first guy around to have a Ferrari 458, wasn’t it? Then a friend or competitor had to go out and get one, too. Now you have nothing that makes you the star of the road. Maybe it is time to contact Hennessey Performance and blow that other guys stock Ferrari 458 off the road. Hennessey knew the 458 was a powerful beast that could rocket down the road like few other cars in the world, but they also knew it could be better. Their HPE700 upgrade adds a pair of turbochargers adding 7 PSI of boost. That translates to a 170 horsepower gain. Now when you line up next to that pretender and hit the accelerator, all he is going to see is tail lights. How fast will you go? From 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. He will never know what happened.

The Hennessey HPE 700 Ferrari 458 is not just about turbochargers, the performance tuning bundle contains dozens of incredible performance boosting features and upgrades, plus a price tag of $293,000, but at least you will be the one first out of the blocks.

Via Hennessey