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Get Ready for the Hennessey Venom F5 Speed Demon

hennessey venom f5

Hennessey is showing off their new design to get all of us lusting to own the Venom F5 scheduled to start delivering to customers in 2016. What is going to make people wait an extra year to get a sports car? You might wait to have a sports car with a sexy body built from aluminum and carbon fiber. Of course, what most of us would wait for is the 1,400 HP V8 engine that will make this 2900 pound car reach top speeds of 270+ MPH. The  Venom F5 has one of the most aerodynamic bodies ever seen with a drag coefficient below 0.40.

The fine-tuned suspension features a GPS based stability and tracking system. The entire car makes a leap forward from the Hennessey GT, if you are willing to wait until 2016.

Via Uncrate and Hennessey Venom GT