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Indian Motorcycle Chief Vintage

indian motorcycle chief vintage

It is back. The motorcycle legends are based on has returned with a vengeance. The 2013 Indian Motorcycle Chief Vintage is based on the popular motorcycle from 1940. The 1940 Chief is one of the most sought after collector motorcycles in the world. The new Chief Vintage is destined to produce that same passion with its 105 cubic inch motor, weathered leather seats and saddlebags, and true Chief styling.

The Vintage Chief uses a 6 speed transmission with the final gear being belt driven for superior smoothness for those long hauls to the next motorcycle rally. The Chief is priced at $35,999 for a single color version, but we highly recommend going with the awesome looking two color version for $36,899.

This is one brand of motorcycle that is never looked down on at any motorcycle rally. Even die-hard Harley fans love the Indian style that embodied the same traditions and heart as Harley.

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