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The Infiniti Eau Rouge is Absolutely Breathtaking


What makes a great striptease dance? It is the slow and seductive removal of all the items that hide the magic beneath. The Infiniti Eau Rouge has just started us on an incredible automotive tease, showing us the beautiful red outfit, the sexy curve of the body, and the seductive gleam of chrome. We are drawn by its magical looks, but lust to know what is hiding underneath that outer skin, but for now, we just wait. Infiniti has teased us with rumors this beautiful car will feature a V series engine blasting out 500 HP and 600 pounds of torque, but no final specs are available. We know it is inspired by Red Bull Racing, but we want more.

Like any great tease, Infiniti has us captured with the sexy allure of the car, now we must keep lusting for details and availability of the Eau Rouge from Infiniti.





Via GearCulture and Infiniti