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Infiniti Q30 Concept

infiniti q30 concept

Infiniti is reluctant to take on the title of “hatchback” for the upcoming Infiniti Q30 scheduled for announcement in Frankfurt Germany on September 10. They prefer to classify the car as a melding of three body styles, the coupe, crossover, and hatchback into a unique new style designed to please the younger audience seeking a luxury car. We prefer to call it the coolest looking hatchback concept to hit the stage in recent times, a hatchback we would be excited to roll down the highway in. The car is sporty, aerodynamic, and sexy. That is a heck of a combination for a hatchback. The massive wheels, aggressive grill, and Infiniti luxury make this a car that will appeal to people of all age brackets, not just that younger crowd.

There is no announced manufacturing plans or pricing at this point, but we hope to learn all of those facts in Frankfurt.

Via Infiniti News