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Jaguar AWD F-Type R


The original Jaguar F-Type R is a major hit with Jaguar fans with its sporty design and incredible performance, including a top speed of 186 MPH. The only trouble was when the snow began to fly. The F-Type R, like most sports cars, was not ideal. The new AWD F-Type R can handle wet, muddy, and snow covered roads with all wheel drive ease. What do you lose by going AWD? You lose a full .1 second off of your 0-60 acceleration. The rear wheel drive F-Type R boasts a 0-60 MPH of 4.0, while the new AWD improves it to 3.9. The 186 MPH top speed remains the same and for an identical reason. Jaguar limits the car to the 186 MPH, which makes us all wonder what these two speed demons can really do.

The Jaguar AWD F-Type R will hit showroom floors next year. Now you will have to ask yourself that tough question. Do you just want to drive your Jaguar to work in perfect weather, or all year long?

Via Jaguar