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Look Better Than James Bond, The New Jaguar F-Type Coupe

jaguar f-type coupe

James Bond always had the coolest cars, but Jaguar has just made it possible for you to drive a car that would make Bond envious, very envious. The sexy new Jaguar F-Type comes standard with a 340 HP supercharged V-6, an 8-speed QuickShift automatic transmission, center mounted dual exhaust with a deep voice, and a driving system that lets you zoom down the road like 007 in hot pursuit.

Need some theme music for that drive? Turn on the Meridian 10-Speaker, 380 Watt audio system and queue up the theme songs from all the Bond movies. In this sexy beast you are going to want to drive until the gas runs out and with an 18.5 gallon tank and 28 MPG on the highway, you will be driving a long time. Want a little more power? Jaguar offers both a 380 HP V-6, or the Bond lovers’ 495 HP V-8 on the Jaguar F-Type. Top speeds? The top speeds range from 161 MPH to 186 MPH depending on your choice of engine. Bond is jealous. Very jealous. You can grab one for around $65,000.









Via Jaguar