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Are you ready to blast into the air on a water jet? The Jetovator is a water powered rocket sled which can blast you up to 30 feet into the air or over 10 feet under the water. This clever invention uses the power of your JetSki’s motor to power the chair into the air.

The Jetovator uses a 30 foot hose which looks a lot like a fire hose connected to the output of your JetSki’s propulsion. As the throttle of the JetSki is cranked open the chair launches higher into the air. The Jetovator lifts into the air with one main stream of water and then uses two slightly smaller jets of water for steering.

With a little practice you can learn to shoot into the air 15 to 20 feet high and then dive into the water almost 10 feet deep and then explode back into the air again. Adding a Jetovator to your JetSki is a great way to add an new adventure to your outings to the lake or sea, if you have a spare $9,000 sitting around. You can learn more about this waterpowered jet chair and view video of it in flight on the Jetovator website.