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JetSurf – The Gas Powered Surf Board


No waves, no problem! JetSurf is one of the coolest innovations of the year, at least for fun. Jetsurf was designed by surfers to take care of those awful days when there was no surf, but even cooler is the fact that it allows landlocked people to go surfing on local lakes. JetSurf has a small gasoline engine hidden inside the board the drives a jet of water out the back of the board while you stand and surf the still. The board can hit speeds up to 34 MPH and is completely submersible. Surfers even love to take these boards out into the waves for a little extra speed, or to try to out race the waves to shore. If you have always dreamed of surfing, but your career and family make it impossible, JetSurf just made your dreams possible.

Official pricing has not been released, but rumors have the price starting around $16,000, similar to a great JetSki, but twice the fun.

Via Wired and JetSurf