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This Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Galaxy Is Literally Out Of This World

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster-Galaxy by DXSC

For most of us having a Lamborghini Aventador delivered to our driveway would finish the dream. We would be ready to jump in and start driving. For others, getting a Lamborghini just starts the journey, which is exactly how the team at the Deluxe Supercar Club felt when their Lamborghini Aventador arrived. Their eyes were not filled with lust for the car, but with hopes of what it was about to become. They went to work changing the “boring” exterior into something out of this world. The Aventador was wrapped in a star filled galaxy print.

Did you catch that last statement? The car was not repainted, it was wrapped with a printed cover that fits so tightly that it looks painted onto the surface. The car is so dramatic in appearance that it has already won best in show at prestigious auto shows.






Via HiConsumption and DX Supercar Club