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Le Mans 2 by KaffeeMaschine

le mans 2 kaffeemaschine

The Le Mans 2 by KaffeeMaschine proves that looking back in time is the finest way to appreciate the future. This fantastic motorcycle is based upon the Cafe Racer ideal out of Europe. The simple durable design proves that simple is as beautiful as outrageous custom choppers. The Le Mans 2 takes your spirit back to the good old days when people scooted from cafe to cafe hunting down a glass of bootleg whiskey to satisfy their thirst.

The 1000 cm motor pumps out 85 HP that makes the Le Mans 2 roar down the road with great performance. The upright position lets you ride in comfort and enjoy the landscape you are flying past. The Le Mans 2 was created by KaffeeMashine forĀ Guillaume Bureau in China. You can almost imagine Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan jumping on the motorcycle for an incredible stunt.

Via KaffeeMaschine