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Lexus LF-C2 Convertible Concept Car


Lexus seems to walk away with gold ribbons, medals, and trophies at every car show, but it they are about to return the favor. The Lexus LF-C2 Convertible Concept Car is made its debut in Los Angeles in its beautiful gold skin. The large spindle grille is the first thing that will catch your attention, with its bold open mouth design. The fat five spoke wheels stand 20″ tall, skinned with low-profile performance tires. The interior is an elegant, but subtle black and white leather to make sure your eyes focus on the central video monitor and touchpad control screen.

Lexus is currently calling the Lexus LF-C2 a design study, which means it will probably never hit the showroom floors, At least we can hope man of the features of the car will begin showing up in new models in coming years.







Via HiConsumption and Lexus Concept Cars