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Lincoln Black Label


What does “Black Label” mean to you? In most brands the “Black Label” products are the finest they can create, a breed apart, sophisticated, smooth, luxurious. That applies to cigars, whiskey, gourmet foods, and now to the Lincoln family of cars. Lincoln is on a mission to reclaim their leadership as America’s finest luxury cars and their sneak peeks at the Black Label makes it clear they are on target. The Black Label is a series of options and themes names Center Stage, Indulgence, and Modern Heritage. The names allude to richness and Lincoln is delivering. All three themes use Venetian leathers, Ziricote woods, and Alcantara suede to produce one of the richest most luxurious interiors available in the automotive world. Black Label is not just a statement of car quality, but of an enhanced level of customer service, attention to detail, and an experience unmatched by anyone.

It will be intriguing to watch as the Black Label program begins in 2014. This could be the rebirth of Lincoln as a world-class automobile.





lincoln black label

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