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Local Motors Rally Fighter

2012 local motors rally fighter

This has to be the ultimate getaway vacation for a real muscle car enthusiast.  You are not going to a drag track, street races, or super speedway. You are heading to Phoenix to build your own over-the-top Rally Fighter. The team at Local Motors pairs you up with a professional builder, the tools, and the raw materials to build your own Rally Fighter. When you are finished you take your new bad to the bones car home with you.

This is not a do it alone project. You are required to bring along a teammate to help you in your build. Local Motors reports these are commonly father and son combinations which spend two 3 day weekends building a tough as nails car and forging an even deeper bonds in their relationship. The cars are 100% street legal when they roll out of the shop ready for action on both the street and off-road. Amazingly the average gas mileage on these cars is in excess of 20MPG. To get started requires a $5000 down payment.  The total package price including your hotel stay, breakfasts, shuttle services, dinner vouchers is nearly $75,000, but ask yourself this important question.  Won’t  you get more out of these two long weekends than any other adventure vacation you have ever considered?

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