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Martin Jetpack


Please read that title again, it says Martin Jetpack, not Martian Jetpack. What is the Martin Jetpack? It is personal flight coming to reality. The jetpack uses twin ducted thrusters powered by a powerful gasoline motor to provide lift, controlled descent, and flight of a single person strapped into the pack. The jetpack can take off with almost no space, flying straight up in the air and descending in almost the same pattern. Currently the jetpack is only approved for non-urban flying. Can you imagine the fun of taking off from home and flying to the office? This reality is coming. Martin Jetpack is not commercially available at this time. Their current target retail price is set at $100,000.

Martin Jetpack is controlled by an computer-aided system and pilots are trained on computer simulators before their first flight. Finally, the personal jetpack we have dreamed of is approaching reality.



Martin Jetpack

Via HiC and Martin Jetpack