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Maybach Exelero

maybach exelero

Do you have an extra $8 million burning a hole in your pocket?  Then you should take a serious look at the Maybach Exelero created for tiremaker Fulda. They intended to use the car to showcase their newest high performance tires then sell the car to Rapper Birdman.  It seems the Bird’s money grew wings and is not available for the purchase, which means some other lucky auto aficionado is going to have a historical ride. This custom create Maybach is based on their popular Model 57.  Every detail of any Maybach 57 is done in excruciating details with hand assembly being the preferred method for almost every detail in the car.

The car sports a 700HP engine and can scream along at 218 miles per hour when you let the 12 cylinders fly.  The custom body of the one of a kind Exelero is sleek, fast, and streamlined.  Do not let the power and speed fool you. The Maybach is 100% luxury car underneath the skin.  You will feel pampered being surrounded by all the fine details.

Via Uncrate, if you are ready to drop the 8mil just contact Maybach USA and they will hook you up.