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Mercedes-AMG SLS AMG Coupe Final Edition

mercedes-benz sls amg gt final edition

Final episodes, final moments, and final editions so often leave us with a burning hunger for more. The Mercedes-AMG SLS AMG Coupe Final Edition is exactly that kind of experience. Instead of disappearing with a whimper, the SLS AMG Coupe is going out with a roar of ¬†excellence. The roar comes from the 6.3 Liter 591 HP motor tucked under the carbon fiber hood. The powerful motor is paired with a 7-speed transmission that allows the car to rip from 0-62 MPH in 3.7 seconds. We love performance, but we are not so sure that we do not find the beauty of this beast even more enticing. The car’s winged doors, bold vents, large wheels, and rugged styling make it one of the best looking Mercedes to ever hit the streets.

The Final Edition is limited to 350 individually numbered cars, a fitting finale to one of the finest lines from Mercedes.







Via The Awesomer and Mercedes-AMG