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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Performance Studio Edition Car

mercedes benz c63 amg performance studio edition car

Mercedes-Benz has always been known for style, performance, reliability, quality, and craftsmanship. When you slide behind the wheel of a C63 AMG Performance Edition car, part of the C63 AMG Black Series, you are going to know why Mercedes-Benz has that reputation.

A C63 AMG is built to haul a family but is just as comfortable blasting down a straightaway or zipping around winding mountain curves. Are you aware of what makes an AMG model so exclusive? Every AMG motor is built by the skilled hands of a single craftsman. This is not an engine which goes screaming down an assembly line with robot slinging it together. Unequalled performance and reliability is what happens when a craftsman puts his heart into a motor. C63 AMG Sedans are equipped with 6.3 liter V-8 delivering over 450 horsepower. When you push the pedal to the floor you will shoot from 0 to 60MPH in 4.4 seconds.

The AMG engine is paired with the AMG Speedshift MCT 7-speed transmission. A transmission which lets you choose your driving mode and delivers the crisp shifts and instant downshifts you need for top performance. AMG sedans use 18 inch wheels designed to mesh beautifully with custom bodywork of the sedan. Can you picture yourself behind the wheel scooting down the highway to work or ripping down a country road?

Via Mercedes-Benz USA