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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Concept

mercedes-benz s-class coupe concept

When Mercedes-Benz set their minds to creating magic with their new S-Class Coupe Concept and succeeded. What does the “S” in S-Class Coupe mean? When you check the Mercedes-Benz website, it becomes evident it stands for Sensual. Every line of the car, every feature, the fabrics, and even the technology beg for you run your fingers over the car. This large elegant touring coupe has the lines of a sports car, the ride of a luxury sedan, the lush interior to make us forget every troubled thought. It inflames our desire to drive. Pushing the gas pedal stirs the 4.6 Liter, dual turbo V-8 to life. The feel of 449 HP at our command adds to the sensuality of the car. Every inch of the coupe is sexy, powerful, lean, and ready for action.

Mercedes-Benz may call this S-Class Coupe a concept, we just call it “Give it to me now!”




Via Mercedes-Benz