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Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

mercier jones hovercraft

Where do you want to go? Imagine driving the same vehicle to go across sand dunes, snow, pavement, water, and grass. Did we say water? The Mercier-Jones Hovercraft is still under design but progress is moving forward fast with production dates coming up. The hovercraft’s design allows it to move over any type of surface with speeds up to 80 MPH and acceleration from 0-50 MPH on 10 seconds. That may not be sports car numbers, but what sports car can slide across the water, pull in straight sideways for parallel parking, or drive on snow with zero slippage? Hovercrafts have been a fantasy for years, but Mercier-Jones concept is bringing them to reality in a very practical way. The car uses a simple gasoline engine to generate electricity for 3 electric motors that provide the actual propulsion.

This is a project you must keep your eyes on. Imagine never buying another set of tires or sliding on the snow.



Via Dude I Want That and Mercier-Jones Hovercraft