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Mini Move Foldable Bike by Watts

mini move foldable bike by watts

Could you use a tiny bike which is battery powered and foldable?  Enter the Mini Move Foldable Bike by Watts. This amazing little bicycle can be pedaled like a demon for getting around on your own, or you can use the battery assist to kick up the speed to a quick 25KPH. The bike is powered by a 250 W electric motor fueled by a 24V Lithium Ion battery.
You can fold the bike down to pack it away or to haul it along with you.  Unfold the bike and start the fun. Make sure you remember to plug-in your bike to keep it charged up and ready for action.  Achieving a full charge takes about 4 to 5 hours. This is not the bike you want if you are planning on long distance riding, but for those trips around the block, down to the grocery, or on a camping trip it could be the perfect addition to your life.

Via Watts