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MINI Rocketman

mini rocketman

Power and fun is once again packed into a very small package.  The new MINI Rocketman is their latest concept car and one we should all hope makes it to market. The Rocketman take the classic MINI style and gives it a high-tech spin. This study in the use of new materials and design concepts sees the MINI getting even lighter with more use of a carbon space  frame instead of a traditional metal frame.  This frame takes away pounds while providing even greater strength.  The car is just over 11 feet long and 6 feet wide making it one of the easiest cars to park of all time. The Rocketman concept car uses slight larger wheels and dresses up the decor of the MINI with many modern touches both inside and outside.  The coolest feature might be the glass top to the car.  It lets in sunlight and beauty but keeps the car cool with the deep tinting.