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Modern Hippie Bus Replaces The Vintage Volkswagen

modern hippie bus

We might all remember the ultimate hipster mobile from Scooby Doo as the VW, but as the years gone by those vans are now outdated. Inspired by the VW, a new electric concept brings this classic into a whole new category. Loaded with panoramic windows, off-road capabilities and a vast array of safety features, this vehicle is truly amazing for any modern group of guys on the road.

The Nimbus, designed by Eduardo Galvanis, comes packed with four different driving modes: the energy saver, standard mode, faster cruise and four-wheel drive. Its powered by an electrical engine that works in parallel with a micro combustion generator to effectively recharge its own batteries. To help with power efficiency, the roof is outfitted with solar panels to capture sunlight.

Other features include: multi-function dashboard with GPS, internet, maintenance alerts, sound system controls, interior lights, air conditioning, four usb ports and charging stations. The Nimbus is not only incredibly equipped but is very safe, with six airbags, side protection bars, backup camera and sensors. Perfect for the modern day nomad.




via Eduardo Galvanis / Dornob