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Mountainbike Design by Patrick Leyendecker

futuristic mountainbike design

Some designer have an eye for form and function and others don’t seem to get it. Patrick Leyendecker is one designer who has got the touch.  Check out this cool Mountainbike design Patrick has rendered.

The design uses wicked looking racing wheels which look powerful yet reminiscent of Kung Fu fighting stars.  The frame’s unique shape appears as an arrow pointing upward to the peak of the mountain, but still appears to be both strong and shock absorbing in design. 

It will be fun to watch if Partrick brings this design to market or at least gets a prototype off the ground.  The design is fun, functional, and fabulous to the eyes, now the only question is how well will it work.

Hopefully when Patrick takes this rendering and turns it into reality he will share the news with the world.  It is a design which could grab awards in the moutainbike industry.

Via The Fancy and DsignBlog