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Nightstalker Jeep Wrangler by Starwood Motors


How could Starwood Motors ever top their amazing Full Metal Jacket build? They create something more incredible, the Nightstalker Jeep Wrangler. The Nightstalker, as the name implies, comes complete with thermal night vision so you are really ready to stalk the night. Need some protection? Starwood tossed on a couple rifle mounts so you are ready for evildoers of any kind. What about those moments when the danger is over and you are ready to chill out? Then crank up the custom Alpine Audio system and dance the night away. Did we forget to mention the custom Kevlar coating to keep you even safer?

The Starwood Motors Nightstalker is the kind of beast that makes you the real king of the night.


Via HiConsumption and Starwood Motors