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Nissan Electric Race Car to Top 180 MPH

nissan zero emission electric race car

Nissan’s Zero Emission racing mission has gone into overdrive. The project is getting ready to premier the ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car) a the 24 hours of Le Mans. The new car is a streamlined racing machine that can top 180 MPH making a legitimate contender in the race. Think about the implications of this racing effort. We now have an all electric racing car that can compete heads up with Jaguar, Ferrari, and other top entries in the race. This initiative extends to other cars, too. The LEAF NISMO RC is another all electric race car that Nissan has hitting the tracks this year to prove that electric powered cars can compete.

Don’t worry, this initiative is heading out to us, too. The project includes the Nissan Project 370Z a car that is being designed by crowd sourcing through social media and is another all electric speed demon. You can follow all the innovation through Nissan’s performance pages.

Via Nissan Performance