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Nissan GT-R Police Car from Forged Performance

Nissan GT R Police Car

You hear the siren and see the flashing lights and are just about to shove the petal to the metal when  you notice it is a Nissan GT-R in full flight coming up behind you. What would you do? You know the race is already over.  Luckily for us drivers, this cool looking Nissan GT-R Police Car is just another great performance ride from Forged Performance, a car they decked out for the TX2K14 Performance Festival in Texas.

The scary thought is that some police chief somewhere just saw these pictures, too. Do not be shocked when a real Nissan GT-R police car hits the streets near you. After all, we have seen Corvette, Mustang, and other high-performance police cars in the past.



Via HiConsumption and Forged Performance