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Peugeot Prepares New RCZ and RCZ R for Adventurous Drivers

peugeot rcz rcz-r

Peugeot is preparing to unleash their 2013 model of the RCZ and a new RCZ R coupe at the Paris Motor Show. What makes this announcement so exciting? RCZ models are already sleek, sexy, sporty, quick, and nimble but this about to increase dramatically. The car is going to get a slight upgrade in appearance to make it even sportier and more aerodynamic. That is not the reason real drivers are going to fall in love with this Peugeot though.

Power is what is going to get the heart of drivers pumping a little faster. While most of the RCZ lineup with stick with the 156HP and 200HP options the new RCZ R model will be powered by a 260HP engine. Imagine the difference of slamming your foot to the floor with an extra 60HP, a full 30% increase in power with no change in weight. This car is going to zip down the road and accelerate like a sports car should.

Peugeot’s new RCZ R may be exactly what this French car company needs to resurrect their image as a fun driving experience. Are you ready for some fun with a little French coupe?