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Porsche Cayenne CLR 558 GT

Porsche Cayenne CLR 558 GT

Dad, this car is for you, a Porsche family car.  Yes, you just read that right the Porsche Cayenne CLR 558 GT is not only a sports car with everything you would want from Porsche, but it is also a four door family car. This Porsche Cayenne is packed with power.  Imagine having over 300HP of power, doing 0-60 in around 6 seconds, and having a top speed between 140 and 160 MPH.

Now imagine the same car getting over 20 miles per gallon of gasoline but looking tough, fast, and agile.  This is not a car for the average driver but for a driver who loves the feel of the road.  The large wheels, Porsche suspension, and power will have your volunteering to drive kids to all of their outings just so you can get out and drive.

Just recently we talked about the beauty, speed, and elegance of the coolest gadgets for geeks the Porsche Design LaCie Hard Drives, and now we are back with the real deal.  A Porsche which is elegant, fast, and perfect for dads everywhere.

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