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Pure Fix Glow Bikes

pure fix glow bikes

It looked cool in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, when the tiny alien levitated the bikes through the air, but not nearly as cool as the Purefix Glow Bikes. This new innovation in night biking transforms your bike from invisible at night into the most alien looking vehicle on the road. The frame glows green. The tires join in the glow show. During the daylight the bikes look like other bikes, but at night they become a glowing warning to drivers that a bicycle is on the road, but they may not be sure who is riding. If you want safety while riding at night, you have the choice of flashing lights or a bike that is more visible at night than during the brightest moments of the day.

You can choose from option of glowing tires only, frame only, or the entire glowing machine. Pricing starts around $400, the cool factor is priceless.

Via Uncrate and Purefix Cycles