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Quadrofoil – An Eco-Friendly Way to Rip Across The Water


The Quadrafoil turns up the fun on playing on the water and does it in an ec0-friendly manner. The Quadrafoil flies above the surface of the water, standing on the 4 foil blades. The blades reduce drag allowing the aerodynamic Quadrafoil to go faster and longer on a single refueling. Speaking of fuels. It is powered by an all electric motor which propels the boat up to 20 knots, making it a fun adventure on the water. The unique steering system is controlled is integrated with a touch screen system that is completely removable to make sure no one can drive off with your boat. The Quadrafoil can travel up to 100 kilometers on a single charge, letting you have a full day of fun.

The Quadrafoil is nearly silent, produces less waves, and produces zero emissions, which allows it to be used even in areas with ecological concerns. You can order one for around $18,500.

Via Quadrafoil