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Range Rover Sport 2014

range rover sport 2014

The 2014 Range Rover Sport has hit the roads. The Land Rover line-up of vehicles has always been packed with quality, luxury, durability, and fun, but the Sport has taken this to new levels. The Range Rover Sport is Land Rover’s lowered, sportier, and more luxurious model built just for us.

Then new model packs a ton of features. It is available in 11 different color combinations letting you get one that matches your personality. It is powered by a 4.4 Liter, 375HP V8 engine that pushes this 4-Wheel Drive SUV from 0-60MPH in 7.2 seconds, a very impressive speed for an SUV. The top speed of the Range Rover Sport is 130MPH, that’s on the highway of course, not out on dirt roads or winding grassy paths.

Land Rover shoved a 6-speed automatic transmission and 2-speed automatic gearbox underneath the Range Rover Sport to take the engines power and transfer it to the wheels. The Sport comes with 19″ alloy wheels standard, but you can upgrade to 20″ alloy wheels.

The interior wraps you in style with mood lights, a large power button, electric sunroof, automatic climate controlled heating and cooling, and luxurious fabrics and leather. The Range Rover Sport looks fantastic in pictures, but even better in person. If you get a chance, jump behind the wheel of one. In case you are wondering, the Sport starts off at about $64,000.






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