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18 Rappers and Their Rides on Instagram

18rappers and rides

Rappers love their money. They love rapping about it, throwing it in the air, and spending it. Wether it be on lavish homes, clothes, jets or jewelry, nothing sets a precedence like a brand new exotic ride. Sometimes those that aren’t wise enough spend it all in one place but today we are counting down 18 rappers and their rides.

18. Riff Raff and His New Aston Martin

riff raff

17. Tyga, Crashing his Lamborghini Aventador


16. Young Jeezy and hisĀ FerrariĀ California

young jeezy

15. Rick Ross and His Rolls Royce Drophead

rick ross

14. Gucci Mane in that Yellow Ferrari

gucci mane

13. DJ Khaled in his Maybach

dj khaled

12. Wiz Khalifa and His Porsche 911 Carrera S

wiz khalifa

11. Chief Keef and His Bentley

chief keef

10. Birdman Stunting with his Maybach, Bentley and Bugatti Veyron


9. Chris Brown and His Lamborghini Aventador

chris brown

8. Yo Gotti and His Rolls Royce

yo gotti

7. Soulja Boy’s and His Red Bentley

soulja boy

6. Sean Kingston and his Lamborghini Aventador

sean kingston

5. Fabolous and Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz


4. Meek Mill and His Mercedes-Benz SLS, Rolls Royce and Ferrari

meek mill

3. The Game and His Matching Bentley

the game

2. Drake and His White Bentley GTC


1. Diddy and His All-Black Maybach