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Move Over Google The Tesla Driverless Car from Rinspeed XchangE Is Ready

rinspeed xchange driverless tesla model s

Tesla has become the most innovative company in electric cars. Google shocked the world when they came out with the driverless car project, and not only made it work, they got it approved by the government and into production. Now other companies are beginning to catch fire in this arena with one of the most intriguing new products coming from Rinspeed Xchange. They are taking a Tesla and combining it with driverless technology to make the most interesting car on the road. The car features passenger seats that turn, slide, and move for comfort. The steering wheel even slides to the center of the car to give the unused driver extra space.

The car has entertainment screens, stereo, and all the things necessary to entertain a full car load of people who are not driving. The Xchange is scheduled to debut at the Geneva Motor Show.







Via Rinspeed