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Ronin 47 Motorcycle Reinvents The Buell 1125

ronin 47

Motorcycle lovers were distraught when Harley Davidson decided to end their Buell Motorcycle division due to a declining market. The Buell 1125 was a beloved bike with its tough futuristic appearance. Ronin Motorcycles did not take the demise of the Buell 1125 quietly. They rolled up their sleeves and went to work to resurrect and improve the 1125 by creating the Ronin 47. The reinvented Ronin 47 took the core of the Buell 1125 and started improving. Ronin replaced the Showa forks with an improved aluminum alloy linkage fork complete with a tune-able Penske mono-shock. A radiator was added to the hot running Rotax motor to tame the heat. Ronin continued the rebirth by adding an improved exhaust system, headlights, LED taillights, and a new seat to keep you glued to the bike.

The Ronin 47 is limited to 47 production units. The Buell 1125 has been reborn with the ferocity and power of a samurai warrior.

Via RoninĀ