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Sawyer Plywood Bicycle by Jurgen Kuipers

sawyer plywood bicycle

Jurgen Kuipers won an IBDC/IF Design Award for all the right reasons. He created a bicycle that looks phenomenal. His design stretches the imagination and embraces concepts that are intriguing and fun. His design is the Sawyer Bicycle that uses a plywood frame as the centerpiece. This does not mean the bike is crude. It is a design masterpiece using a fabulous shock absorber system on the front to smooth out the road. The seat adds additional shock springs to keep your rear comfortable as you ride. The chain drive utilizes three sprockets to increase performance and reduce chain slippage.

The entire bike is tough, strong, and sophisticated with that plywood core creating an appearance unmatched by other bikes. A well-deserved reward for Jurgen. The bike design is something you could assemble at home, assuming you had the parts and plans. A real bicycling adventure!

Via 053OnTwerp