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Starwood Full Metal Jacket Jeep

jeep full metal jacket

Jeeps are tough. The Starwood Full Metal Jacket Jeep redefines that toughness taking it to another level. Starwood poured 100’s of hours of labor and sweat to turn an ordinary Jeep Wrangler into a vehicle ready for the ruggedest terrain possible or to go into battle. The Full Metal Jacket Jeep includes a bullet-proof suspension, a beefed up engine, Kevlar panels on both the exterior and interior, LED light bars, and a lift kit for some extra ground clearance. The black color adds to the tough appeal. The Jeep can go from 0-60 in 8.4 seconds, a very quick speed for a vehicle built for toughness and off-road forays.

Starwood has priced the Full Metal Jacket Jeep at $106,888.

Via Uncrate and Starwood Jeeps