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Ultimate SUV from Romania The Ghe-O Rescue Vehicle

ghe-o rescue vehicle

Imagine taking features from race cars, tanks, speed boats, the world’s best SUV’s, and firetrucks, and the rolling them all into one vehicle. That is exactly what the tiny Romanian automotive manufacturer, Ghe-O, has done. They have created the ultimate lineup of rescue vehicles that can go through water, over rugged mountains, tow cars through bumper deep snow, blast through fiery areas, and do it all in style. Want more capability? Add on the wheel floats, snow plow, and other accessories to make your escape from Zombies, or natural disasters, a breeze.

The Ghe-O Rescue vehicles come in a range of size and power levels with motors that can produce over 500 HP and even more torque. If you have ever dreamed of conquering the world from the driver’s seat, this is the SUV to make it happen.

Via Slate and Ghe-O