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The Heat – Andersen Mobile Estates

heat mobile estate

Something sounds wrong with the phrase “Mobile Estates” until you look inside the Heat for Andersen Mobile Estates. Then the phrase suddenly makes perfect sense. This is not a common mobile home or RV experience but a true high class luxury home on wheels. The Heat has two stories and over 1200 square feet of living and meeting space. This Mobile Estate comes with a complete kitchen for cooking for yourself or entertaining a truckload of clients. The Heat is decked out with wood, leather and other high class interior treatments. These units from Andersen Mobile Estates are perfect for movie stars, singers, executives or any other selective traveler who requires luxury on wheels. If you are wondering about safety, the Heat comes with 360 degree video surveillance equipment as part of the standard bundle. After looking at all of the pictures of The Heat from Andersen you might feel your home is a serious downgrade from the style and luxury found in this rolling five-store hotel.